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About us



We are Flora and Paulina León, and we love to design simple objects for the every day use that contribute to make any place, a cozy place.

Our vision is to promote Mexican traditions through a collaborative and fair work with artisans of different locations of the country, and with this, contribute to the conservation of the craft traditions of México.

Our story

Phedra, founded in 2017, is a design company that born from the inspiration of the Mexican cultural diversity, its roots and traditions and from the passion to combine artisanal techniques with modern designs to create contemporary pieces. 

Each of our pieces is the result of a 100% handcraft work, created by talented artisans and designed by Phedra, our pieces are driven by the principles of durability, quality and simplicity.

Phedra has the honor to collaborate with artisans from Michoacán, Oaxaca and Jalisco, who work millenary techniques that are transmitted from generation to generation for its preservation.




We create high-quality products that are imperfectly perfect

No two pieces are exactly the same!